Dana (parallelism) wrote in pcdd,

I'm so glad I found this community. This is quite possibly the worst case of PCDD I've ever experienced.

For months I had been awaiting the arrival of my FAVORITE band in the ENTIRE WORLD [Limbeck] to come. I'm seriously like a crazy, obsessed, NSYNC fangirl when it comes to them. So I knew I would get PCDD after the show and I was trying to prepare myself for it.

We got there really early and waited around, talked to a couple of the guys for a little bit and then went to wait for the show. It was supposed to start at 9:00 but they moved it to 10:00. Whatever, that's fine. 10 rolls around and no one has started playing! The sound check guy [the show was in the basement of a little bar] was so drunk he didn't want to sound check the bands! Everyone was waiting around on him, and the show didn't even start until around 11 or so. Limbeck was the last band to play so we were waiting and waiting for them. In between sets we talked to the lead singer for a really long time and hung out with him off and on at different points of the night.

Now, we're only 17 and we were in a REALLY bad part of town, had school the next day, and it was already past midnight. So we kept calling our parents, who knew Limbeck was our favorite band ever, and they kept letting our curfew go up later and later. By 1 AM Limbeck still had not played and we HAD to be home by 1:30. We ended up getting to hear ONE AND A HALF SONGS from them. During part of the first song, some old, fat, drunk guy got on stage and tried to sing 'Louie, Louie', so that wasted valuable time.

I'm happy I got to talk to them and see a little bit of the set, but I just feel so horrible. All the excitement of the show and getting ready is gone and there's nothing to look forward to.

The most horrible thing in the world is to be walking out of the venue as your favorite band is in the middle of their second song. You can hear Robb's beautiful voice singing 'Julia' and you're closing the door.
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