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I’m glad I found this community, because I suffer from post concert depression desorder!


It happens to me all the time, but the worst case was when I met Kings of Leon when they played here in Portugal, on a music festival called Rock in Rio.

They are not famous in here, and I was their only fan in the audience. When I realised that I started to make the most noise possible, singing and dancing to all the songs [just like I do in every concert, but this I wanted them to knew that had one big fan there]. When the concert ended I decided to try my luck and met them… I tried to get in the backstage area, and when I was almost giving up… I saw them!

I got to talk with four a couple of minutes, and I saw the Foo Fighters concert with the bass player, Jared.

It was the best night of my life!

I couldn’t sleep and I lost my appetite for a couple of days… lol

They’ll probably never play in Portugal again, so I only have my memories and a couple of photos to remember that night :)


I tought I was the only one with pcdd, but I’m glad you are just like me.



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