Post Concert Depression Disorder

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***Post Concert Depression Disorder***
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Ever Go To A Concert?
You know that feeling you get, weeks before concerts. Preparing for it, picking out your outfits, telling all your friends what band your seeing. Then you go to the concert and have the time of your life! When all of the sudden, you realize that the guitar cords have stopped, and then band has left the stage. And the concert is OVER! And suddenly, it's all over: all the preparation, all the excitement, and all the thrills. This, friends, is what we refer to as: Post Concert Depression Disorder.

Here, you can share you concert stories. Tell us about the last concert you went too, how the music was, if you met the band. Share pictures you took, tell juicy gossip you found out. But most of all, vent! Tell us what a great time you had, because we all know how bad P.C.D.D. can be!

So, come and tell of your concert stories, and help to fight away Post Concert Depression Disorder.

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